The next generation of the Ski Club

Caldera House is a Five Diamond private mountain club literally an arm’s length from the main gondola in one of the world’s renowned adventure capitals, Teton Village in Jackson, Wyoming. It’s the next generation of the Ski Club, offering a refreshing and youthful take on hospitality in the luxury market. Caldera House was built for a community of guests and members with something in common: a passion for the skiing, the outdoors, and Jackson Hole. It’s a lively, interactive and fun space; not one where you whisper when you enter or feel controlled by the refined traditions of luxury hospitality.



The Challenge

Caldera House was created by four self-made billionaires. Adventure seekers, passionate about skiing and the outdoors, and in search of authentic hospitality experiences as opposed to traditional 5-star experiences, these four embodied the characteristics of the people they wanted to attract to the property.

Our mission was to design an online experience that reflected the authenticity of the brand by representing the strong outdoor culture and youthful spirit shared by those who are drawn to Jackson Hole. Caldera House stands alone among ski clubs in Teton Village, a fact which needed to shine through in our work.

The Solution

Our inspiration came from research into literature and iconography associated with ski culture, ranging from the low to high end of the product scale. We incorporated the bold, clear communication from ski signage and trail markings that would be familiar to skiers.

We opted to try something new on this project, a zoom feature that allows users to pull in and out of the page view. This required some muscle flexing from our development team and elicited much consternation from the project manager, but we’re really happy with the results. It’s a good reflection of the uniqueness visitors feel the first time they step into the property.


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