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Paying homage to the midcentury architecture for which Palm Springs is well-known, Arrive Hotel’s iconic butterfly style roofline and cinder block walls invite you into the space. The property, designed by award-winning architect, Chris Pardo, features 31 rooms and a thoughtful collection of food & beverage options on property, catering to locals and guests alike.

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arrive hotel mobile screen
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The Challenge

Arrive Hotels approached Wallop while the hotel was under construction, which is becoming a niche within our niche. It’s a challenge that requires a lot of creativity; a challenge we never back down from.

We met with the Arrive team in Palm Springs and toured the building site, the competitive set, and met with the designers of the property. We realized quickly this was going to be something special, and how well it would fit into the evolving Palm Springs market. Arrive needed a scalable design framework that spoke to their brand and location, and that the hotel could leverage as the collection expanded into new cities around the US.


The Result

Our strategy was to approach the design of the website as something new, modern and minimalistic, and to reflect those characteristics in the way the Arrive brand lives in real life. We set out to achieve this effect with our design while staying true to the digital strategy. We were also tasked with designing and building a custom booking interface that minimized friction in the booking process and maximized bookings.

The communication with the client was clear, expectations were respected and a balance between simplicity and convenience in the design was tastefully struck. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Arrive Hotels.

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