Leveraging Video
in Real Estate Marketing

By Daniel Connolly
November 16, 2016

Video is a highly effective medium and vehicle for marketing high end real estate. Here’s a breakdown of how our film production team approached a recent project.

Our team was approached by BOSA to produce a series of videos for Cardero, a residential tower on the edge of Stanley Park in Vancouver. With the completion date set for 2019, BOSA needed high-quality and consistent video collateral to round out their sales & marketing strategy. BOSA Properties is a family-owned company with a long history in Vancouver. We wanted to draw attention to their commitment to architectural innovation and the culture of the neighbourhood. Rather than simply providing a visual representation of the building and interior, we focused on creating a sense of what it will be like to live at Cardero.

Don't focus the camera on the building site. Focus on the stories unfolding around the building site.

The 30-second spot, featured below, was used for pre-roll ads, showroom screening, and direct outbound marketing to potential buyers.

The full length edit, below, was presented on loop in their showroom and was sent to potential buyers who had expressed an interest in taking the next step.

Our secondary objective was to create short vignettes that showcased the elegant & sophisticated interior design of the Cardero properties; the piece below focuses on the kitchen. The primary quality we wanted to celebrate was the craftsmanship and design-thinking that goes into the modern interior concepts.

The project was a big success, and Cardero even managed to break a few pre-sale records along the way.

“Wallop Film is phenomenal to work with. Their team has an amazing ability to create a vision for the project that they are able to carry through to the final deliverable with very little management or guidance. Their work has not only met, but exceeded my expectation – time and time again. They are a fantastic creative partner, and I would recommend them any day.”

– Macartney Greenfield, Director of Marketing at BOSA

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