Introducing the New Wallop

In Development

Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. It’s my pleasure to introduce the latest iteration of Certainly the greenest version to date (colour-wise of course, I can’t speak to its carbon footprint), the new is bringing some zizz and zazz to the internet like you’ve never seen before.

In the 24 months since our last site was launched, the face of online technology and communication has morphed dramatically (surprise surprise). The mobile web has moved from a position of marginal influence to undeniable consequence thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. Research suggests that tablets in particular (though still a relatively small share of the market) will continue to replace the desktop or laptop as the preferred device for consuming web content outside of 9 to 5. Though ashamed to admit it now, I was dismissive of the tablet when it was first introduced. That quickly changed once I got one myself. It immediately supplanted my laptop as the device of choice for content consumption. I rarely pick up the laptop anymore unless I’m making something. Everything else – movies, news, games, internet browsing – occurs on the tablet. Apparently I’m not alone in this change. More and more people are turning to non-computer devices for their digital media needs.

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