Trust us, we've done this before

15 years of designing and building beautiful custom websites for the best hotels and resorts in the world will teach you a few things. Our team decided to put all of those things into one easy to use platform and design framework.

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A Few Good Reasons to Choose Archetype

Key advantages

Archetype is Wallop’s proprietary rapid development framework. This allows us to plan, design, and build a website significantly faster than a traditional development process.

For most hotels, templated solutions like Squarespace or Wix is not serious enough. And hotel templates on WordPress are too complicated for hoteliers to customize themselves. The Archetype framework falls somewhere in between those solutions. It is a professionally built website that’s tailored to your brand and property. We reduced the cost of building the website by removing the amount of choice and customization, because they don’t add any utility for the majority of hotels.


The design process includes a custom brand and style guide that tailors the website to your brand and aesthetic. The design process is managed by senior creatives, and ensures strong attention to detail and design quality.

Almost every website feature has been pre-built as modules that can be added to suit every property. And any custom feature, connector, or software can be added seamlessly for an additional fee.

Every line of code has been optimized for speed, and the framework is continuously optimized with each update. It’s also protected by a firewall that blocks DOS attacks, scans, or intrusions, and the software is always up to date to protect from known threats.

The Archetype framework is designed for digital marketing performance. Everything from tracking, SEO, and meta data is professionally configured to deliver outstanding results.


Finely tuned

Archetype isn’t a cookie-cutter template — it’s a framework designed to go beyond basic website functionality and align with the needs of the hospitality industry. It’s a flexible framework built for growth and leaves room for future extensibility.

Everyone has a unique vision and brand, and that’s why each site built on top of Archetype is tailored for our clients.


Chat & Newsfeed

Archetype was built to provide maximum utility to hoteliers. That’s why every website comes loaded with a chat and newsfeed.

The chat solution is your virtual front desk, and can answer questions and provide information or recommendations quickly to your customers, without having to pick up the phone. A shared inbox allows your team to administer the incoming chats.

The newsfeed is a brilliant solution to a common problem with hotel websites. It provides a central home for news, timely information, and offers. We also provide scheduling and distribution to multiple social media networks.

Easy to use CMS

Archetype comes with a customized WordPress back-end that makes updating the website easy for even the most inexperienced folks. The simple interface allows you to add and remove pre-configured modules that control the features of your website. There’s a reason WordPress powers 36% of websites.

Screenshot of Omakase Wordpress CMS

Services offered separately

Wallop offers plenty of services that can be paired with the Archetype framework. It was designed to accommodate a broad range of companies who may or may not have an in-house team or existing digital marketing vendors.

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Content entry
  • Training
  • Video & Photography
  • Booking widgets
  • Software integration
  • Custom features