Liberty Hotel

Liberty Hotel

The Liberty Hotel is a luxury hotel in central Boston that lives in an architecturally imposing structure – a sophisticated blend of history and modern engineering. It has a storied past as a former penitentiary and has undergone a massive transformation to become what it is today.

Fortunately, the hotel has a smart, forward-thinking sales and management team that provided us with keen insights which we distilled into a strong creative strategy. The hotel and its facilities are truly breathtaking, and we needed to leverage the physical experience to its full capacity.

The Challenge

The key focus on this project for our creative team was to change the occasional perception that the hotel would retain some of the “discomforts” of its past as a maximum security prison. We would have to walk the fine line of capitalizing on the history to create intrigue without sustaining the negative correlations.

Conveying the grandeur of the main lobby in the digital world also posed a challenge that we intended to resolve through our creative solution.

The Result

The core concept we pitched was “transformation”, and we weaved this throughout the website with a series of time lapses.

The transformations were studies in contrasts, which we depicted in key segments throughout the website. For example on the home page we built a time lapse that showed the bustling but airy feel of the daytime transitioning to the electric nighttime atmosphere, teeming with life.

We also added some “not so sexy” utilities like an interactive location map, quick facts page, concierge and amenity forms, and targeted foreign language pages.

The result was a highly engaging and effective sales tool that did a great job of showcasing the brilliance of the hotel lobby and other highlights of the property. While the timelapses were a very time consuming feature, we think the results were well worth the effort.


  • Information Architecture
  • Interface Design
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Mobile
  • Flash
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Booking Engine Integration
“The Wallop team developed the “Transformation” concept that did a masterful job of alleviating those concerns by showcasing our hotel in a way that truly captured its high level of distinction. We continue to rely on the Wallop team, who has become an indispensable partner for all things digital.”
- Sean Reardon, Director of Sales

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